in blue 暁について


Opened in April 2015.
Our plaster-walled studio & gallery is surrounded by greenery.
Works inspired by nature, like the colors of the sky and the Earth, and of the four seasons in Japan, are lined up at the gallery.

From 1647 to 1871, my ancestors had been engaged in porcelain firing from generation to generation under Arita Sarayama Magistrate’s Office of Nabeshima (Saga) domain.
Today, inheriting their passion, we are committed to producing products that fascinate people with focus on shape and glaze, and pursuing our own unique style.


Akio Momota

Artist profile

1971   Born in Arita, Saga
1991   Studied under Shiro Soejima
1994   Studied under Shun’emon Okugawa
1995-  Became independent
2015   Established in blue Akatsuki, a new studio and gallery

Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
Tea ceremony Today – function and shape – exhibition at Musée Tomo
Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition
Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition
Tea Ceremony Formative Arts Exhibition at the Tanabe Museum of Art
Kyushu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition